Spaceships from Riga

The news about the launch of two futuristic super-yachts, resembling a spacecraft from Hollywood blockbusters, has spread among social networks. The project was developed and built by Latitude Yachts.

«These two yachts mean two years and five months of intense, complicated and very interesting work», - said Valdis Irbe, the co-owner of Latitude Yachts. «This was a great challenge for me and I was brave enough to agree to bring this project to life. I would like to thank the customer for giving his credence and opportunity to carry out this project of immerses complexity and applies the highest standards from the world of exclusive yachts. Now we have launched the super-trimarans, built from composite materials. They have no analogs in size – they are the biggest trimarans in the world. It is a true pride for our company, for each member of our team and for me personally».

The twin trimarans, launched on May 10, are the piece of art, combining brave imagination and best technologies. They were designed and fully built at Latitude Yachts - a shipyard in Latvia. The hulls of the super–yachts have been made from different composite materials with the use of the latest scientific achievements and patented SPRINT®/Prepreg technology. An hours-long cooking of fiberglass and carbon at the temperature of 90°С allowed achieving the high quality of multilayer lamination with tough mechanical properties and lowest void contents that usually could be achieved only in an autoclave process. «For the first time the hulls of ships of such a class were entirely cooked in one hit, I mean in one piece at once», - confirms Valdis.

The length of each trimaran is 53.32 meters, width – 17.44 meters. Each ship is equipped with two engines of the aggregate capacity of 5200 HP. Due to applied technologies and multihull form, the yachts can run faster than 28 knots, which emphasizes their unique character.

The trimarans have been built for the Middle-East market. Currently, Latitude Yachts is getting ready for docking and sea trials of their creations. In the nearest time, it’s planned to sign a contract for building two more similar ships to be used further in UAE.

Latitude Yachts has been creating ships since 2006, hiring up to 500 people, including the sub-contractors personnel. Today the Company has a team of more than 100 employees. The shipyard is certified by the Latvian Maritime Administration, the quality assurance meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The main specialization: high-class shipbuilding, using aluminum, steel, and composite materials.